Crocodoc Joins Box to Reimagine Documents in the Cloud

May. 9 2013

Today we’re sharing some big news: Crocodoc is being acquired by Box!

We’re thrilled to be joining forces with Box and want to share some thoughts on why this is great news for our customers, partners, team, and the web at large. The bottom line is that we’re committed to offering our platform API, investing heavily in its continued development as a stand-alone offering, and integrating our technology into Box’s flagship collaboration service.

From the beginning, Crocodoc’s goal has been to modernize the way we interact with documents, creating a seamless experience for sharing and collaborating on any browser or device. We’ve invested countless hours over the last few years to build the most sophisticated HTML5-based document viewing technology in the world — and that focus has paid off.

Since launching our enterprise API offering, we’ve:

  • Partnered with amazing customers including Yammer, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Facebook, and Edmodo
  • Grown at 30% per month since 2011 and served hundreds of millions of document previews in the last year
  • Built a profitable, fast-growing business that generates millions in annual revenue

Despite our growth, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. We want to do everything we can to provide the best document viewing and collaboration service for the entire web — and through several meetings with Aaron and the Box team over the last couple of years, we realized that Box and Crocodoc truly share the same vision for the future of documents on the web.

While we’ve been focused on pushing the limits of document viewing technology and building a powerful developer platform, Box has been solidifying their position as the top content sharing platform for both users and the enterprise. Today they serve more than 15 million individuals, 150,000 businesses and 92 percent of the Fortune 500. Together we’re in a position to build something amazing.

As a part of Box, Crocodoc’s technology will remain a stand-alone offering, as a part of the Box Platform, as we aggressively extend our API to developers and enterprises everywhere. Not only will we continue to fanatically support our existing customers, but we’ll be launching a new version of Crocodoc soon and will continue to push the limits of what’s possible with documents on the web.

In addition to developing our core API offering, we’ll be integrating Crocodoc directly within the core Box experience itself. We’ll be drawing on the experience we’ve gained over the years to further redefine document storage, collaboration, and editing in ways that have never before been possible.

Knowing how far Crocodoc has come with only seven people (as well as the support of an amazing group of investors and advisors), we couldn’t be more excited to make waves as part of the Box family. We look forward to continuing our journey with you, our customers, our team and the 700+ Boxers that we’re excited to join in the coming weeks.

Note: and just in case you were wondering, no, Aaron isn’t going to let us rebrand our service as Crocobox ;)

Ryan Damico
Co-founder and CEO

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